In our translation center, we can also arrange proofreading services. You can order it either for the texts translated by you or for the translation that is being done for you by our professional translators.

There are different types of proofreading:

  • Standard proofreading

- checking for the overall quality of the text, grammar, comprehensibility, completeness of the translation, correcting minor errors and typos

  • Stylistic proofreading 

- checking for grammar and spelling, proofreading to clarify meaning, ensure coherence and flow, and refine the language, also stylistic adjustment of the target text for its intended purpose, checking for consistency and continuity

  • Proofreading for print media

- checking for typographical errors, the correct insertion of images, text wrapping, formatting, word breaks at the end of lines, characters used, diacritical marks, also adjusting chapters, pages, paragraphs, overall appearance of the document and its readability

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