• We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of translations, which has helped us to improve our services for the benefit of the client. We value each client, regardless of whether they are an individual or a company.
  • In order to ensure the satisfaction of our clients with our services we only cooperate with experienced translators and interpreters, including native speakers, who can cover a wide range of fields and language combinations.
  • Since the Translation Center was established, more than 600 individuals have entered the database of translators.
  • We are able to arrange translation in almost any language combination. The most frequently translated language ​​and also our specialization is Polish. The other most often translated languages include English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Korean, Hungarian, Spanish and French.
  • We issue a free price quotation for each request received with no obligation to proceed. If the client accepts the offered price, their confirmation is required so that any misunderstandings are avoided.
  • Each order is completed as quickly as possible. The deadline, which we always meet, is agreed on in advance. We are a reliable company, always available to the client during the whole process of the client’s order.
  • Our company works only with professionals. Besides excellent language services we are able to provide graphic and audio services. Technical equipment is also available, e.g. during simultaneous interpreting.
  • The seat of our company is in Český Těšín where both the Translation Center and the Language School are situated. Our branches are also in Třinec and Ostrava. See our office hours to arrange your personal visit or to contact us by phone.

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